2.118 new firmware and No NAS connection

I was install the new FW, and after my NAS connection not estabishing. I see the NAS but now connect,either no connection on the WB radio, I see but no one work
Thanks BR

Can you make you post a little clearer please? It’s difficult to understand exactly what your problem is.

You’ve flashed Volumio 2.118 to a sd card, and booted your device (which device?). You haven’t been able to connect to a share on your NAS? You are having a problem with web (WB???) radio?

Raspberry PI2 the hardwer, after I upgrade there is no NAS connection, Inside the Volumio, the -MyMusic- there is add new network, it is find the NAS, the setting remain the same as before (CIFS) etc. but not connect (unknow error) . It means the network working, fine. The HDD 2TB and now it lokks 344.20MB

Is there any possibility to downgrade/roll back the software to the previous (woking one)?

System -> factory reset, but you will loose all your data (playlists, conf etc)

However, from your description, you should fix everything by doing system -> delete user data. You will loose all your data as above, but you will stay in current version. And I think it will solve your issue

Thanks Michelangelo, it seems fine now!