1963 Nivico stereogram running Volumio

Here is a slightly mad project of a 1963 tube Nivico stereogram restoration. This unit was a garage find wreck that was covered in paint and had the tube amp laying on the ground due to the chipboard cabinet base rotting. After repairing the electronics with a full recap and restoring the turntable I decided that the old 4 track tape recorder was too far gone and pretty useless anyway. I thought what better than to transplant a Rapsberry Pi, HIFI berry DAC and one of the new 7inch touchscreens. I now have access to my NAS, Spotify and internet radio which all sound very good with the Pi fed into the original tube amp. A great way to make one of these funky stereograms useful again and great for the man cave ( in my case my workshop)
The Raspberry pi installation is made to look like the original reel to reel. Care must be taken when working on these old valve units and I suggest that you have some electronics qualifications as the voltages inside are very dangerous.
I hope this gives some ideas as these old consoles are worth preserving and can sound very good

Very, very cool!

This looks realy awesome! Congrats on this nice restoration!

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