100% CPU in /volumio/index.js with large # of MP3s

I’ve recently installed Volumio 2 onto an RPi 3 model B with a HifiBerry DAC+. All seemed fine. Played a few test MP3s from a USB flash drive & could stream webradio. SSH & SFTP working OK. So then I copied all my (3000+ files, 12GB) MP3s to the 16GB USB flash drive & plugged it in. I assumed it was indexing album art or files or something as the web page volumio.local/playback just showed an hour glass & I could see from an SSH session that process </usr/local/bin/node /volumio/index.js> was using most of the CPU. After 3 hours I gave up & rebooted without external flash drive. Now the web page volumio.local doesn’t come back with anything. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

The RPi view-source:http://volumio.local/ returns the following content to my Windows 10 PC running Firefox (but the web page is actually blank):

[code]<!doctype html>Volumio - Audiophile Music Player<!–[if lt IE 10]>

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I had to re-image the SD card. I’ve also since noticed settings > Network Album Art Settings: On (by default). I’ve turned off but not risked plugging in the flash drive yet. Could that be the culprit? Maybe should default to Off?