Youtube plugIn

The killer feature for me always was the seamless integration of YouTube into volumio. Since a couple of days I am not able to get YouTube content any more. Now I read in another thread that neither Spotify nor YouTube plugins are working.

Is that true?
Any work-around?
Would be really disappointing because volumio other than that fits all my needs quite perfectly.

Thanks for any leads,



for me works :go to the plugin page then to installed plugin.
to youtube to settings fill in the code again in google device
and then go back to the plugin youtube and ready
this last step is neccesary

@Gerwin, what do you mean by go back to plugin-page and ready?

To my knowledge and searching, the activation of the Youtube-plugin at Google no longer works (I have an active plugin at work…registered year ago), I tried registering the Youtube-plugin at home, but can’t active the fresh install.

BTW Are we ever going to be able to cast Youtube from our phone directly to Volumio?

Ok, so this was working wonderfully eventually…but now all I get is the 403 Forbidden error :unamused:

I have the same. It was working for almost one year and then stopped.
I wonder if this happened when YouTube started their paid services…
Error I got: volumio.PNG

I’m having the same problem as well. I’m able to search and list YouTube items, but when I attempt to play them YouTube responds with a 403 error.

Not sure if you already found this thread:

Please also test, and see if you can activate the code to allow Youtube searches again… (see my last reply there)

Looks great. But it’d be way more useless with a small addition of tool for working with tags. The downloads and installations with the functions above will be way over expectations. Check this for inspirations or at least some use

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