Youtube plugin not showing the code in plugin settings

I tried to install and activate the Youtube plugin for Volumio (last version of Volumio and of the plugin).
Unfortunately, when I try to connect volumio to my account from the plugin’s settings, I find out that Volumio does not show the code that I have to enter in
The problem is coming from my Google account or from Volumio?
Has anyone solved this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Same problem.

Same problem.
Même problème.

Same problem.
Même problème.

Press the info information near the empty box, go to the indicated Google site and follow instructions.

The Text in the Info-Box is "This code must be added to your YouTube account at

i’m logged in at google-Account. The Page says “Enter the code displayed on your device”

But which code?

same problem
no code

same problem :cry:

This action does not produce a code for the registration of the device in Google.

same here

The official YouTube plugin has been broken for a while. The Volumio team says there will be an update in 20 or so days.

You can try the one I have uploaded here. You would need to create the Google API keys yourself and enter into the plugin settings to obtain the code.

Here’s how to create the Google credentials and install the plugin manually, but do not download the version in that post. Download the latest one instead.


Still no official plugin
Volumio has miserable official support :frowning:
They are only adding paid options.

Update on youtube plugin status:

  • The rework has been completed on the code
  • The new oauth login has been completed (this will allow for much easier use)
  • We are just waiting google to approve the oauth consent flow (this is pending for verification since december.

You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Is there something new?
What can I do that YouTube works on Volumio?

Kind regards

a lot install it your self perhaps,