YouTube Plugin Code NOT generating


I have been using Youtube plugin and it was working perfectly working in version 2.668.
Recently I upgrade to version 2.673.

I am not able to get the Code generated for YouTube Plugin. It is BLANK.

I revert to the old version but now it is also NOT showing the code. It is BLANK

I am using the free version of the Volumio.

I tried this with my Volumio Login and without Volumio Login also. It is the same.

I tried reinstalling the plugin multiple times also, still in vain.

I am using RPi 3B+

Any inputs on solving this problem will be apprecaited OR do we need to wait for another update on the Volumio version.

Tiken M

i face the same problem too

I am also facing this problem.
Seems no way to get Volumio to generate the code. Uninstall / reinstall plugin and update to latest Volumio 2.692, does not help. I’m signed in etc.

Please refer to my reply here: