Youtube Playback 1.0.1.

I logged in with Google.

  • Subscriptions: no result (which I have)
  • Liked videos: no result (which I have)
  • Search: does not give anything

Allo Boss 1.2 / Volumio 2.713

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same for me !

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yes, today due to a limit exceeded no more connection are autorized :cry:

We are requesting to google an increased quota limit. Until they grant us, the plugin will work only for limited time for a given day (until quota is reached)

Youtube search

  • caused start up sound
  • set volume to 100%
    After that Volumio went dumb.
    Very strange. I had to flash image.
    Reinstalling Youtube plugin went back to “nothing happens” state.


what am i missing, if plugin says at account settings, “Log in with Google to enable plugin”, where and how should i login? SHould be something obvious but i missed it…

Thanks. :smiley:

Youtube plugin stopped working, we are looking for a solution.

Is there any solution by now?

Also looking for a solution to this.

I am also a developer, so I could help if needed.

I also got an error and cannot use Youtube Playback.
I get the same error no matter which item I select.
I use Raspberry Pi 3-Model B + Pi-DAC +.

Volumio 2.729
Youtube Playback 1.0.1

same as above only on the sparky got once a folder each time i reinstall after that gone …