YouTube Music Plugin

Hi. I have been digging around and cannot find the YouTube Music plug in. I’ve seen people talking about it online but can’t locate it to install. Is this still developed please?
Can you please advise how I can get this on my device.
Loving the product so far. 10/10

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Yeah I read through those and none say YouTube. Is it part of the premium version?
Is there a way to install it using SSH? Maybe that will work better

no they removed it from the normal list of plugins,
because it runs but you have to do a lot yourself …
and you can install it with with ssh no problem …
if you run in problems i will try to help you…
no it’s not a part of premium

Is there a guide online please?

guide is not really compleet any more i guess you didn’t have it before …
but here is a start… only i used a older plugin and they using the 1.0.1

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Thank you for this. Really appreciate it

if you done that and you got from Google… API key/ClientID/SecretID and installed the plugin
and it still doesn’t run … you know how to find me :stuck_out_tongue:

i got it working again but on the 32bit version queue requests are very slow
( 1 in the 4/5 sec takes ages to get it filled up )
gonna go back to the 64bit version the queue is mutch faster in this system…
went back to a backup of 3.10 of @ashthespy now i have 234 songs in 45

The link seems broken now. Is there a plan to put Youtube Music in place as a supported plugin?

@graemeluke look over here the brand new version of the plugin…