YouTube Cast Receiver stopped working - cannot connect

Hi, can anybody guide me here, I have been using Volumio and the YouTube Cast Receiver before without problems. A few weeks ago it stopped receiving. I see my player presented in the YouTube browser when selecting casting, then he tries to connect and that it …nothing (Volumio and plugins are on the latest versions, same network physical)
All guidance / debugging hints are appreciated, standard troubleshooting uninstall plugin / reinstall has been done all other plugins work fine Spotify, Youtube 2 , …

@patrickkfkan if you have the time, can you check this for him.

I just checked and confirm that while I could connect, I could not play. I’ll look into this this weekend. No promises though. This plugin can be a pain to debug…

we are already happy that if you have the time,that you will look into it.
take your time we are already happy that your back :slight_smile:

Thank you, much appreciated.

@IvesH , see if updated version works:


Hi, thx for the update besides a small glitch UI was saying plugin not active but after one more reboot and toggle the plug-in on/ off it works
Tomorrow, I have more time to thorough test, but it is playing well at the moment and display shows the YouTube info

So far so good :blush:

Thank you Patrick !