Yet another Album Art feature request. This one is good

Hey all.

I understand that for performance that Volumio will read a cover.jpg from the folder of the album vs each files ID3 tag.
My music isn’t really albums but primarily DJ mixes so having a folder for each file is a bit much.
Is there a way to get volumio to read the album art from the id3 tag of each file just for the playback screen? Not for browsing folders/etc, I can use the cover.jpg for that, but each DJ mix has a unique art for each one that be nice to see on the playback screen. This way there will be no hit on performance.

I noticed that the web radio streaming input seems to already do this.



Ahhhh…That explains why no art shows for some of my Tracks but are all tagged properly.

Most of my albums have a “folder.jpg” but the singles do not and they are the ones that do not display art.

Just to add to the suggestion, how about volumio reading the embedded art only if the “cover.jpg” or “folder.jpg” does not exsist