Yamaha Network Receivers Plugin


I recently found a Yamaha nodejs module : npmjs.com/package/yamaha-nodejs
It works great on my RN-301 and should work with every Yamaha Receiver.
It would be great to be able to use it as a Volumio plugin, but I’m too bad to achieve it…

I tried to contact the author but got no response.

Maybe someone has the motivation and skills to do it ? :slight_smile:

Hi jujuconq!

Glad you decided to post on the forum!
If you were abile to male the module work, you’d likely be able to make the volumio plugin as well!
Anyways, I am fairly new to the volumio ecosystem so I’m not sure whether it’s simply a volumio plugin that you need.
Let’s see if someone is willing to do it!

I’ll have Michelangelo come on here so he can give some advice.


Unfortunately we don’t have time now to develop it… Hopefully somebody will jump in and make it…
However, I have an idea… Give me few days and I will tell the community…

Suspense !

By the way, thanks for all your work, using Volumio every day is really a pleasure.