XBMC and Volumio

Im looking to set up my TV with a set top box. I have a media server and am going to stream movies and TV to this box. I was thinking of using raspBMC to do this which seems absolutely perfect! However my problem arrives when it comes to music. RaspBMC can play music, however with my collection it is not very user friendly (40000+). So for music i was going to use Volumio . But i cannot use both Volumio and RaspBMC at the same time, and dual booting i do not want to do. Soooo, essentially what I am looking for is a box/OS that can show my movies and TV metadata and information (like XBMC) BUT also display my music in a user friendly way, such as Volumio’s UI or something like simple iTunes interface. Also, when playing music I want to be able to turn off my TV and play music from my stereo (headless) and control the playback from my iphone or a computer. There are just so many options and I want to know what OS/box to use. OH and also, the box i want to be able to control via a keyboard or mouse and not a remote. If Volumio and RaspBMC could be combined that would be excellent. I saw a thread here:http://volumio.org/forum/volumio-xbmc-audiophile-media-center-t609.html…however im not sure if this project was successful? or if it is practical? But if my needs can be satisfied via raspbian or some other box/OS just let me know. Ideas? Thanks!

If you saw the thread why don’t you ask there?