X86: "Switch Device" causes Volumio UI to stall when switching back


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: V3.224 - V3.349
Hardware: x86 (tested with Dell Latitude 3189, Inspiron 11 3180 and Toshiba Click Mini) Rpi doesn’t have this problem
DAC: n.a.

Debug Log


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Using the device’s touch screen (both Dell and Toshiba)

  2. Select “Switch Device” and select a different device to control

  3. Switch back to the local Volumio installation on the x86 device itself (Dell/Toshiba)

  4. The Volumio UI won’t load anymore, keep running the wait logo

  5. Interface is not responding

  6. Accessing the device via a browser is still working

The “Switch device” shows a not found image symbol

Additional Information

Just a clean installation, no plugins are installed as one of these device (Dell/Toshiba) should only act as a remote control. Because of this bug I can’t turn the device off, without a forced shutdown or starting up a different computer to access it via a browser.

Restarting volumiokiosk.sh makes the system responsive again. As long as I keep the putty shell open. Closing it, then the device will go back to the waiting mode.