x86 build

Wanted to try this new build as an alternative to Daphile. Got it to boot via USB stick on Azulle Byte Plus mini-computer with Cherry Trail processor and UEFI boot, so that is very nice. A lot of MPD builds will not do this.

ARCAM irDAC works fine on USB 3 port. Would like to see option for disabling volume, only “hardware” listed now. Can I edit mpd.conf from SSH?

Recognized WD My Cloud with no problem using cifs.

Web GUI not loading properly in Mac Mini with Chrome, spinning wheel, but can operate just fine with MPaD. Will try a reboot.

Sounds better than on Odroid. cleaner and tighter. It would be great to install this on internal flash. I’ll review the instructions in another thread, but an installer would be great.

Another issue arose, with USB stick boot. After a leaving it on for a while but idle, Volumio keeps pinging my DAC, like once every second. Still engages DAC for playback, but when idle keeps pinging.