X400 subtronics + volumio Spotify connect

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a pi3 plus an x400 dac from subtronic.
I installed volumio Spotify connect to stream to the dac. I actually do not have any sound going out of the dac even if in the web ui interface I can see the music played from Spotify.
Tested with an mp3 on a USB key and the sound is working perfectly…
Do you have some tips to share to make it work?


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Hi, this DAC is known not to work on 16 bit audio. To put it short, you made (IMHO) the wrong purchase for your use case. Sorry

I always suggest to get stuff from our shop since it’s the only way to get 100% tested and known working devices, while contributing to the project.

I own a such dac… A simple workaround to resample and having it working is to use a plugin such a volsimpleequal. Tested and approved ! :wink:
(you don’t need to use a setting in equalizer, just let “flat” preset.
Just before enabling the plugin, make sure you have a working, well configured volumio ( STA400 dac or Iqaudio setting) and mixer "digital.
to download :
github.com/balbuze/volumio-plug … eequal.zip
to read… :
github.com/balbuze/volumio-plug … impleequal


Thanks for your reply (sorry for the delay) . I follow your advice, did a factory reset, set up with a dac iqaudio dac plus.
Installed the equalizer.
And still have the same issue: no output sound on the dac.

I do have some issues with the Spotify plug in.

I installed osmc (clearly not as good-pretty-user friendly as volumio but not the same usage) but it works.

Reading the troubleshooting page, it seems that Spotify creates problems as I do have.

Could you send a picture of your volumio configuration page? Maybe I did a mistake setting up mine.

Thanks again for your help

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