Wrong resolution display

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.777
Hardware: rpi4
DAC: on board
My rpi4 with volumio is hooked up on lcd TV on hdmi3 input.
TV has 3 hdmi. First 1 is hdmi arc. On first hdmi the receiver is connected which is closed all the time.

  1. If TV is closed and I turn in volumio then I see volumio display on hdmi1 but the resolution is to biig 800 x 600 I guess.
  2. If TV is On and now I turn on volumio then volumio display is correctly displayed on hdmi3, also the resolution is correctly scaled.
    În conclusion I need to have tv on then turn on the rpi4 volumio in order that display is correctly scaled to TV resolution and also in corect hdmi input
    Any tip is well appreciated.