Wrong playback speed Sparky + Volumio

My Sparky board with Volumio 2.167 playing from my NAS with wav files only does ca. half speed and one channel only.
Its connected to Diyinhk 768 x-mos usb card and from here to a Diyinhk akm4490 board…

I found out that everything works with webradio, mp3-files - but not 44.1/16 pcm/wav-files.
When I connect my x86 labtop to the usb/x-mos it works fine…

I have now setup with Software Volume Control - and this works for all files, incl. wav.
Due to quality I would prefer “Hardware Volume Control” or “None”. Choosing “hardware” automaticly enables “diyinhk clock selector” as Mixer_control. Like it’s getting the clock from the usbcard?

Is there a way to get around this and use hardware volume/no volume?

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