Wrong bit depth displayed

When playing a 48/24 .wav file (48 kHz and 24 bit depth) Volumio 2.041 display gives 48kHz and 32 bit as values. Not a big issue, but it’s not the correct value.

Likewise, all 24-bit WAV files are displayed as 32-bit, no matter the sampling rate.
Not a big deal, but this incorrect WAV file bit depth is still present in 2.411 version.

I can confirm this, you can download a (test) sample here (by Blue Coast Records) for free to test.

If I test this, the following objState is returned:


Which means the 32 bit comes from the MPD result, I can dig code, but I can’t seem to retrace this particular ‘bug’.
As it appears the error occurs before we hit ‘app/plugins/music_service/mpd/index.js’

The problem is still outstanding in version 2.632.
However it seems to affect MP3 files, while the bit depth of WAV files is reported correctly.