Working virtual keyboard in Volumio3 with Touch Plugin

thank you, i have it working now… but still no on screen keyboard!

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I am the author of the Virtual Keyboard plugin. Unfortunately it cannot be ported easily. Up to now I did not find a way to make the method it uses to display a keyboard on the screen work with the current chromium browser… and I am afraid it will not be possible.

Maybe there will be another solution in the future, but it is nothing I would be able to do within the next days or even weeks. Time is sparse and I do it as a hobby only :wink:

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A reinstall helped.
Thanks a lot :+1:

Will become a challenge…

Ahhh the need for constant revolution eh? no wonder people complain about the good old days… of version 2! :slight_smile:

@Wheaten @ianpaulstone I need an onscreen keyboard on one of my Volumio Pis, too. For that reason this will (have to) stay on Volumio 2 for now. ATM I don’t think this is a bad thing, because it works stably and reliably. But as time allows I certainly will look for a way to get a virtual keyboard for Volumio 3, too.

I appreciate that!
Virtual keyboard for volumio3 would be great!

Many thanks in advance.

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Any news on this people? Thanks!

Would still be very helpful.
I just tested the " Virtual Keyboard" extension from on my PC (Windows 10 / Chrome 102) - this works in regular input fields but not in the address field. On some websites, it displays the keyboard but ‘Enter’ does not start a search.
Assuming that the underlying technology is the same, there should be a way to make it work.

I thinking to downgrade to 2 too as I don´t see chances to get the keyboard in version 3.

Please please… would some awesome developer please develop the onscreen virtual keyboard for volumio3!?

One year ago, I postponed the update to volumio 3 because many plugins were not migrated at the time… today (one year later) I found out, that the last plugin that has not been migrated to run my setup perfectly is the virtual keyboard - that means, I still cannot update.

… I’ll check next year again. :blush:

The best I got is this.

Which seems to do the trick.

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Well that pretty much solves that problem. Thanks.
I held out with v. 2 until the Spotify issue came up. Now I can have a keyboard again.

I wonder if the Chrome extension could optionally be installed along with the touchscreen plugin, inlcuding a toggle switch in the settings to enable/disable? Or maybe just the same brief instructions provided above in the settings, perhaps with a link to the Chrome store. This seems like information users of the touch plugin should have easy access to.

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I don’t think you can add screenshots to the Plugin settings page, maybe a link to this topic can do the trick