Work in Progress

After running a headless install on my RasPi2, Youtube popped up with a video of a members DAC setup, so now I need one.

After 3 weeks of far too many hours, I managed to final wire it up correctly (who would have thought that pin numbers quoted were where the BCM Pins not the header pins), also manged to install the epic pydPiper addon (only after numerous failed attempts from other howto’s.

So now I have a 20x4 display working with the output I want (minus the year of the album, which doesn’t appear to be grabbed)

So tonight it only took me 1 hour to get a 40x2 display (from an old HEVAC Control Panel I decommissioned) running - just need to tweak the positions in the new I’ve butchered from the 16x2 version

Now the search begins for a suitable case and all the other bits to complete the project

I think you should consider using wood to make the box. That way you can have it tailored to your taste. I would use wood that you buy at a crafts store rather than a home improvement store. It’s easier to work with if you don’t have a wood shop. This is my set up

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Already thinking along these lines, will probably go for a brass front & rear panels as I have access to a machine shop.

Trying to find old style switches etc at the moment

Nice. I only have your basic wood working tools. An all brass front panel will look very good.