Wooden case built during the lockdown

Hi there !

During the lockdown I decided to make something useful : built a good-looking and good-sounding digital home jukebox.

First of all, I started by converting all my CDs (700 or so) in flac format and storing them on a HDD.
I already had volumio running on a rapberry-pi 3+ with the official 7 inch screen but the setup was not so performant. I noticed that it was due to a poor network connection to my nas HDD. By pluging the HDD directly to the raspberry it became completely fluid.

The next step was to built this wooden case.

I had some spare wood from an old Ikea furniture that I cut and assembled to make it look like a (much more expensive) Rasptouch. I won’t show you close-up pictures because you would see that the details are really not that good looking but the case fits the raspberry enclosed in the official screen case + a USB hub + an external 2’5 HDD.
I had to use a USB hub because otherwise the Pi was running out of juice.
I painted the case to make it look like my walnut speakers.

Cherry on the cake, the raspberry is connected to a topping d10 DAC.
Everything sounds marvellous !

Thanks to the volumio team for this amazing piece of software !