Won´t mount Fritz NAS

I want to use volumio on a Raspberry Pi 4 to stream music from a NAS held by a FRITZBox. I´ve tried the whole day long and now I´m close to desperation.

I can see my NAS in Windows and get access to the music folders, but I´m not able to set the right path in Volumio. I can open the FRITZBox NAS by “fritz.nas” and can access the usb-SSD with the music under its name “Volume”.

But when I set this path (and hundreds of others as well) in Volumio, it always tells that it can´t mount it.

What do I habe to do to get ist working? Apart from the refusal to mount the NAS everything is ok. I can access Volumio and it works with my ARCAM DAC.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance


Hello Nico,

you have to set “vers=1.0” as an option, then it will work.

You have to enable the extended options in order to see the options-field.

Thank you!

It works!

The latest FRITZ!OS version 07.20 (from July 2020) is disabling SMBv1 (vers=1.0) for security reasons. If you still need it, you have manually enable it in the Fritz!OS settings or better set now “vers=3.0” to your SMB options of Volumio