Wolfson: drivers near to ber pulled in the official kernel

Hi guys!
It seems that Wolfson audio card driver will be pulled soon into the mainline rpi kernel :slight_smile:

I’m tryng to compile 3.12.y starting from the pull request author repository:

right now with the .config generated from my volumio 1.5 with old - but working - kernel 3.12.13.
I’ll let you know the results asap!!
Bye bye

Hey there m3m3nto.

These r indeed good news! :slight_smile: I guess I will just wait until the Wolfson drivers r part of the rpi kernel. I downloaded your 1.5-Wolfson image yesterday but no sound comes out of the wolfson card - the onboard soundcard works fine, though.

Crossing my fingers that everything gets integrated quickly. :smiley:

Thanks for your hard work!


Hi bearman!
Thank you for your message.

Sorry!!! I noticed only now that in the confix.txt in not present the line:


So, mount the sd card and edit the file confix.txt in the boot partition:

kernel=kernel_new.img gpu_mem=16 hdmi_drive=2

To switch between wolfson output use the script located into /home/pi/wolfson_drivers
Access to rpi via ssh then

cd /home/pi/wolfson_drivers

headset output:

sudo ./Playback_to_Headset.sh

Let me know if this solution works for you!
Bye bye!