Wolfson DAC

Firstly, I am new to Volumio with low knowledge but keen to learn, your help is appreciated. I have successfully installed and now running Volumio (Volumio-2 I assume), on a PI 3, A+). With music successfully streaming from this relatively new PI I am keen to install Volumio on an old PI 1 with a Wolfson DAC mounted on the GPIO. I can remount the Wolfson DAC on my PI 3 A+, if this provides a better setup.

QUESTION - having tried using the Wolfson DAC a suitable option does not appear in the I2S list. How do I use the Wolfson DAC with Volumio? There seems to be indications a solution is available, please let me know where I may find this - Thanks. I also have (a new) Cirrus DAC that is very similar to the Wolfson, are these interchangeable ?

As I understand old Wolfson card for Raspberry Pi 1 used WM8804 as bus master with one crystal 12mhz and DAC itself was i2s slave, It may be problematic to use it with Volumio because there is no driver included for this setup,
There is A tread about it in community portings section:
Maybe you can get some help there.
Tough I will not suggest to use Volumio 2 on raspberry pi 1 - I tried it and it is so slow WEB interface has high lag and higher bit-rates have dropouts unless you set larger buffer size.