Wolfson DAC drivers added to official RPi kernel!

Hello Volumio Developers and Community!

Just learned that the drivers for the Wolfson / Cirrus Audio RPi I2S DAC by HiasSoft have finally been integrated into the official RPi Kernel!

I was wondering if the devs would consider revising the Kernel currently in use by Volumio 2 to use a more recent one that would provide out-of-the box compatibility for the DAC in question. This would enable any other users that have this DAC to easily use it with Volumio without the need to replace kernels and rebuild initramfs for compatibility and breaking the Auto-Update feature.

I’ve tested out the kernel and everything is working without issues. Obviously there would some things that might need some work to be able to set the output via the web interface although a possible workaround would be to simply activate all outputs on the DAC.

Would love to hear the opinions of the devs and the creator on this subject and it’s feasibility or lack thereof and possible complications if there are any!

That’s a great news! Yes we are currently setting the ground for a kernel update, so this will be included.
Do you know from which kernel version this is available?

From the official RPi Kernel I believe it’s only been introduced in the more recent 4.9 versions 4.9.22 is the earliest I noticed it in as this was the version installed when I recently went to manually install a newer version of volumio and had to replace original kernel to get the Cirrus DAC working.

So what is the status on this? :slight_smile:

We finally finished the kernel updater, so it will be a matter of weeks and Volumio will switch to more recent kernels with the wolfson card support

Thanks! Only now saw this now, but noticed the kernel had been bumped in more recent versions! The only thing missing is an easy way to set up the DAC from the webUI! I’ve read the adding a DAC part in the past, but because this DAC needs a few more things to get running (adding a file and running scripts) don’t know how one could go about that! Official instruction in the link below:


Maybe a plug-in might be needed to be able to set-up proper output settings and switch between them if needed?

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just tried to install VOLUMIO on my RaspPI 2 with the Wolfson / Cirrus Logic Audio Card.
Can’t get any output from the Audio Card but have it with the connector on the RaspPI board.

Which I2S DAC shall I use to get the Cirrus card working???

Would like to avoid fiddling around with Linux too much.

Det :question:

All you need to know can be found on the following thread:

Wolfson Audio card with Volumio

Edit: Check page 21

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thanks for the hint. Just started on page 24 (your post as of Friday Aug 18 2017).

Currently I managed to get into contact with the running Volumio on the PI via Notepad++ and FTP.
(I try to avoid fiddling around with Linux since I last was in close combat with it 25 years ago.)

When I have made some progress over the coming weekend I wil report that.

Det :slight_smile:

Did you manage to get it working DET?

Some of us are eagerly waiting to get our cards working with Volumio 2!

Check my reply before Det and check out the link I’ve had my DAC working with Volumio 2 since the BETA although it took a little more effort than it does now. Just follow the link I posted and everything that you need to get it working is there.

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