Wolfson Audio card with Volumio

Hi ! I’m French, sorry for my bad English…
I discovered this DAC. So is it compatible with Volumio ? Is it plug and play or is there something to do ?

Thanks in advance,

It’s not clear which DAC you mean, the Wolfson or the IQAudio one.

The Wolfson is not currently supported by Volumio (as far as I know).

I was talking about the IQAudio one !

Thanks !

Well, the website itself iqaudio.com/ says it supports Volumio: "Use raw Linux, Volumio, Raspbmc, RuneAudio, SqueezePlug, PiCorePlayer, MDP or similar ".

And if you look under the ‘System’ menu for Volumio, under the options for ‘Activate I2S driver’ it lists one of the I2S drivers as ‘Iqaudio’.

So I’d say that looks hopeful :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for this answer ! I will try and I will tell you :wink:

Hy guys,
I’ve tried to customize my Volumio setup and get my new Wolfson up and running.
I’ve follow this tutorial:

I’m actually testing it, but it seems to work well.
For those who wanna try it, I’ve packaged a Volumio with wolfson image with this setup:

checksum: 81f8da176433a45e0fdabc41cea3100f

inside /home/volumio/wolfson_drivers I’ve downloaded the original wolfson_driver script for alsa managment;
actually it is configured to playback from line-out.

Wahou ! This is awesome ! Thanks for this !!

sorry for the duplication, but we have 2 different threads regarding problems with wolfson card:
here you have a new image with Volumio 1.3 + wolfson audio drivers:


Hi all my first post here so be gentle with me :wink: I hope I have good news in that I have updated the Volumio kernel with the wolfson drivers and have it working with Volumio, It sounds great!

I haven’t seen an official release yet so if anyone wants the .img file let me know and I’ll share it somewhere.

The process is quite lengthy approx 10 hours to compile the new Kernel

would you post a link to download your .img ?

Ok here is my image https://www.dropbox.com/s/7yx2ecf00dkndsl/volumio1.3_with_wolfson.zip you need a 4Gb card

update apparently dropbox have suspended this link because it was generating too much traffic!!!
I’ll post it on Google later unless anyone has a better idea**********

Now also available on Mega (I hope :wink:

mega.co.nz/#!KxhFTJza!L5XYBkyJh … Ky6W_S4wBc

As the name implies its a volumio 1.3 with the wolfson drivers compiled into the kernel, ive left all the make files and the old kernel in place

I’ve run the wolfson script to output to headphone socket and the SPDIF (I think I did that before I took the .img) anyway the scripts are in the /home/pi dir to switch on what you need.

it should come straight up and be able to play radio, I’ve not had much luck configuring the NAS through the web ui (it hangs) so I just edit fstab as I need it. I think it works but if you get it wrong and get an error its had it!

There is also a BBC.sh which adds the BBC stations to the radio but does not continue to work across re-boot (its a BBC thing!) just re-run it, got the script off the web somewhere so sorry but cant credit the ‘smarter than me guy’ that wrote it…sorry.

BTW this image also works on a Pi without the Wolfson but you have to force the audio through the PI headphone socket (or HDMI) using raspi-config



Nice, thank you!

Is this any more up to date than the image by m3m3nto? I tried that today and it works well, though there’s no volume control using the hardware mixer. Post is here: wolfson-audio-card-problem-t1104-20.html#p4763

Your link works for me, but you could try MegaShare if you have any more problems: mega.co.nz

Hi, don’t think its any more up to date, we created and uploaded at much the same time.

If I get time I’ll strip out all the make files and other stuff so I can reduce the .IMG size it could probably run in about 2Gb.

Thanks for the tip about mega



Hello guys,

I have been somewhat confused on the preferred choice of the OS for the RaspberryPi/Wolfson Audio Card combo.

When the RaspberryPi was originally used it played through a USB Decoder/SPDIF Converter and Volumio was a very attractive choice for the OS.

Now with the RaspberryPi/Wolfson Audio Card combo there seems to be several available choices :Raspbian (with patch from Element14 and an excellent patch by Ragnar), Volumio (with fine patch by m3m3nto and an excellents slim patch by SiB), RaspyFi with Ragnar’s patch, Runeaudio with Rune’s patch and SqueezePlug.

While I guess that the output from the use of any of these would be similar and extremely difficult to tell apart, nevertheless, I was wondering whether there are any preferred choice from these based on :

Quality of Audio Output

Ease of setting up and operating

Stability and stable connection on wifi

Facilities Available

It would be great to hear from those who have had the opportunity to have tried the various players.

Thank you.

I’ve stuck with Ragnar’s patch and the Volumio Web-GUI over a Raspyfi installation. Originally just meant to be a temporary solution until Volumio natively supported the Wolfson, but that doesn’t seem to have materialised. However, I’ve been very happy with the sound I’ve been getting from my setup.

I’m not using it over wireless though. I did try Squeezeplug before my current setup, but I had been using Raspyfi with a USB DAC, so I always wanted to move back to some kind of system using Raspyfi or Volumio.

At some point I might try some of the newer Wolfson kernels available here. It would be nice if Wolfson would get their collective finger out and get the Wolfson drivers included in the standard Raspian distribution.

I doubt there is much difference in quality I have tried both Volumio + Wolfson (my image) and Ragnars… I guess we don’t know what Angelo has done with the kernel in Volumio so I don’t know if my make to include the Wolfson drivers will have un-done any of that good work.

Main thing is I don’t get any of the splutter or crack/pop that native R Pi sound can have when using Raspbrian so either Angelo or/and Wolfson would appear to have fixed it.

Agree it will be better when the drivers are part of the standard build.

For now thanks to Angelo and all at Volumio with my build on top of your great work I now have two Pi’s doing their thing and sounding great.



Bravo SiB.

I suspect a lot of the work done originally was to try to get USB DACs playing without pops (with Raspyfi and then Volumio). If you use an i2s DAC (like the Wolfson) most of that work may be irrelevant, as the i2s interface doesn’t suffer from the pops and crackles anyway.

Sorry if this is a noob question but can you assist with setting? I am using:
Pi model B rev2
Wolfson audio card

I am trying to get audio out from the green output jack. No sound. It seems It shows playback running from web radio and also a USB drive. I have reflashed the SD, tried different settings.

I have used the Volumio 1.2 without the Wolfson OK but now need help.

Are you using one of the Wolfson kernels available? Volumio by itself doesn’t support the Wolfson card.