Wolfson audio card problem

I use wolfson audio card with pi
but I can’t use wolfson audio card to output sound
in the volumio setting
I don’t find out my wolfson audio card
when I play music from the USB HDD
the music will output to hdmi monitor
if I remove the monitor
the sound will output from pi audio out port
Can anyone help me?
I want to use wolfson output digital signal to my dac

You mean the wolfson audio card of the pi? The i2s one?
A wolfson card is arriving to me, expect it to be supported in a week…

My card is i2s one
URL here
element14.com/community/docs … udio-space

I don’t think the Wolfson card is currently supported in Volumio. It needs its own drivers to be installed for it to work. At the moment the Wolfson drivers are not even included in the official Raspian distribution (not even the one that is just about to be released, I have heard). The drivers are available on the Element14 website though, and can be patched into the kernel, if you have the knowledge to do that.

It sounds like Michelangelo is getting a Wolfson card soon, and hopefully support for it in Volumio will follow.

A guy in the Element14 community, Ragnar Jensen, has made a custom kernel available that supports the Wolfson card (in addition to the official Wolfson distribution that is also available on the Element14 website). Ragnar has given instructions on how to install his kernel in this post element14.com/community/mess … oad#107186

I’m currently using that myself (with Raspyfi, so should work with Volumio). It works very well.

Or just wait until Michelangelo gets round to adding support for the Wolfson card into Volumio.

There is an interesting comparison from someone in the Element14 community of the Wolfson card and the HifiBerry card (that a lot of people are using now) element14.com/community/mess … ate#109592

I try that
but something error
[385.761192] bcm2708-i2s bcm2708-i2s.0: I2s SYNC error!

How to fix that?

No idea. Probably best to ask in the Element14 forums. Ragnar Jensen hangs out there and may be able to help you with that problem.

Just one thought though. You say you got an error. I’m assuming that came up on your TV screen (on booting up the Pi)? Or what?

Did you actually run any of the ‘use_case scripts’? Without doing that your outputs (on the Wolfson audio card) won’t be activated. For example to get sound output to the SPDIF out you have to run the ‘SPDIF_playback.sh’ script on the Pi.

Doing a Google search on your error (‘bcm2708-i2s bcm2708-i2s.0: I2s SYNC error!’) throws up some posts where guys report getting that error, but they still get sound out of their card. So seeing that error may not necessarily mean the card doesn’t work.

If this doesn’t help the guys in the Element14 forums may have some ideas.

I just looked in my RasPi logs. I get that error too (‘bcm2708-i2s bcm2708-i2s.0: I2S SYNC error!’). It makes no difference, the card still works.

I can’t printscreen
because I reboot pi
and pi crash on start

when I use WM kernel
I add this

Add the line

Is it made pi crash on start?

If you mean when using Ragnar Jensen’s custom kernel, it shouldn’t cause your Pi to crash. I’ve got the same line in my /boot/config.txt. It just tells the Pi to boot using the ‘kernel_wolfson.img’ that you just installed.

If it doesn’t work for you, removing that line from the /boot/config.txt should put you back to booting with the standard kernel, as Ragnar said in his post on Element14

‘If it doesn’t work, you can revert to your original kernel by just removing the “kernel=kernel_wolfson.img” line from /boot/config.txt’

Hello guys,
I seem to meet some problems in downloading and patching with the Ragnar’s patch.
When I use the command line : wget drive.google.com/file/d/0BzIaxM … sp=sharing
The file ‘edit?usp=sharing’ downloads but it does not surface the file name ‘kernel_3_10_25_wolfson.tgz’.
And this does not allow me to untar the file.
Any advice would be most appreciated.
Thank you.

You need to post a message in the Wolfson Audio section of the Element14 forums. Ragnar hangs out there.

element14.com/community/mess … oad#106822

Thank you very much tyres2.

Yes, I managed to obtain the image and set up the RaspberryPi/Wolfson using Ragnar’s patch with Raspbian and the system works very well indeed.

I wonder if there are similar ways to make Volumio and Raspbmc work as well.

Glad you managed to sort out the download problem. As you say, the system works very well with the Wolfson card.

You can make the Volumio Web-GUI work with the Wolfson. I’m using the Volumio Web-GUI myself. This post explains how to install that

typingoutloud.org/raspberry-pi-i … io-pibang/

The example is for the PiBang distribution, but it worked for me on a ‘Raspyfi’ installation (the predecessor of Volumio). It may well work on Volumio as well, or standard Raspian. I just used Raspyfi because I have most of my music installed on a big SD card (with Raspyfi on it), and didn’t want to wipe the card.

However, although you can use the Volumio Web-GUI, if you are using Ragnar’s Wolfson kernel you may be missing some of the tweaks that Michelangelo has implemented in the full Volumio distribution. But it sounds pretty good to me on my system!

I think I’ve seen some posts in the Wolfson Audio Card forum over on Element14 about RaspBMC, and maybe that somebody has patched the Wolfson drivers into RaspBMC. Not sure, maybe I dreamed that! I don’t use it myself anyway, as I’m happy with my setup, using the Volumio Web-GUI.

Thank you tyres2 for the comments and observations.

I guess any of the patched distributions would sound good.

The only advantage which perhaps a patched Raspbmc would provide is to be able to use the video facility.

Apart from that the Raspbian distribution with the excellent patch by Ragnar sounds extremely good in my system.


ps: As an aside, a while ago, my friend brought along a brand new I2S decoder/dac (ebay.com/itm/XMOS-PCM5102-DA … 3a8d615894).
In some ways this is similar to the Wolfson Audio Card. We tried this out with music fed from a USB stick connected to a laptop using Daphile, run from a USB stick and it sounded really really very good.

Well, it looks like I didn’t imagine the comments on RaspBMC having Wolfson audio card support! See this link

element14.com/community/thre … ian-update

It’s not clear from that thread if the support is working right now, but it does look like support for the Wolfson card is being built into RaspBMC.

I try the kernel_3_10_25_wolfson
sudo /home/pi/use_case_scripts/SPDIF_playback.sh
it’s working well now
the volumio version is 1.2beta
I update MPD to 0.18.11
play music is good
no bug

today I try volumio 1.3beta
sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download

do the same steps
not working
no sound
and my dac LCD print “No signal”+“192k Hz”
my music file is 44.1k
I have no idea to solve those
I try to fix
and use WebUI to switch the i2s driver
nothing change
still not working
and pi crash

How to fix it in 1.3beta?

Maybe this might be of some use?


Hy guys,
I’ve customized a Volumio image with wolfson audio card support.
Read here:



UPDATE: ops, I haven’t seen previous message, sorry!

Thx a lot~!
I use his img
but not working
I can’t open the web UI
and the ssh is fail
Can’t remote Pi with this img