WMA lossless

Hi all,
Is it possible to configure Volumio to play WMA lossless files? Am running Volumio on RPi, and generally i love it, and think it is v. user-friendly, but I have a lot of music in WMA lossless, so I’m hoping that there’ll be a positive answer :slight_smile:
I don’t want an explanation about why WMA lossless is a ‘bad’ format to choose, etc.
And I know that I could transcode my files to something else (FLAC perhaps?) but I’d rather not if I don’t have to. I got WMA lossless to work with Subsonic, so I kinda thought it might be possible with Volumio.
Any help?

I have the same situation, wma lossless is shown but no sound.
Please advise how to play this through my HifiBerry DAC…


I have the same issue. BubblePnP will play WMA Lossless on my android phone (local renderer). The old Roku Soundbridge will also play them. I believe both do this by asking the media server to convert the content to PCM before sending.

In BublePNP if I “show metadata” on the items in the library I can see that WMA Lossless items have 8 streams available and the second one is indeed PCM, stereo at 44.1k. It has “xxx.wma?formatID=39” on the end of the URI. Yet when I use Volumio as the renderer it seems to end up with the 4th stream with “xxx.m4a?formatID=25” URI and fails to play, or play for half a second and then fails.

How can I have BublePNP or Volumio do the right thing here and use the PCM stream?