Wlan to static IP

how I can set Wlan to static IP?

I found no data in “nano /etc/network/Interfaces

Thanks for Help :bulb:

auto wlan0
allow-hotplug wlan0
iface wlan0 inet static
wpa-ssid "YOUR-WLAN-NAME"
wpa-psk "YOUR-WLAN-KEY"

try it, i dont know if it works (google search: raspberry pi wlan static ip)

You don’t see

This is because by default most devices don’t have wifi, and if they do the configuration differs per user wifi isn’t as plug and play as wired :wink:

What joda posted should work, alternatively you can setup wifi via the web-gui and then go to /etc/network/interfaces you’ll see a wifi connection setup using DHCP etc. So the base information will already be available you would only need to change it to static and add an IP.

I found no data in this directory.
have already tried to write in the data.
did not work.

suppose there is a different directory.

try it with: “nano /etc/network/interfaces”

Hy Joda2,

I had tryed it with: “nano /etc/network/interfaces”, but it don´t works!(see first Post)