WittyPi3 Power Management for Volumio 3

I use a WittyPi RTC/Power Management Board for my Rasp4.
The issue is, there is no unzip program in Volumio OS an i don´t know where to get it.
WittyPi needs to unzip some files, but this tool is not available…is there a wget link to install unzip/zip program?

miniunzip is installed

MiniUnz 1.01b, demo of zLib + Unz package written by Gilles Vollant
more info at http://www.winimage.com/zLibDll/unzip.html

Usage : miniunz [-e] [-x] [-v] [-l] [-o] [-p password] file.zip [file_to_extr.] [-d extractdir]

  -e  Extract without pathname (junk paths)
  -x  Extract with pathname
  -v  list files
  -l  list files
  -d  directory to extract into
  -o  overwrite files without prompting
  -p  extract crypted file using password

Sorry, no, this package does not exist in volumio 3

@balbuze is correct, minizip has been installed, it is in the volumio base recipe, valid for PI, Tinkerboard and x86. I have the list right in front of me.
You might have to use sudo minizip

thnks i´ll try!

of course it is…

My Volumio sd image seemed to be corrupted, now minizip works as described! Thank you!!!