With Volumio running at max enough CPU available to output images?

Just curious…
I have Volumio running on a Pi 4+. If Volumio is running at maximum (DSD512 or MQA or networking or ??) is there enough CPU power available to run an image display program to output via HDMI to my 4K TV? And if there are enough available CPU cycles available how would you do it? Plugin? Or?

I’m guessing it’s probably easier just to get another Pi to do that, but I thought that I would ask.

I would imagine that still images are fine. Why not try? As to how, you’ll have to do some Googling for a suitable program to run within the Volumio OS. As a disclaimer, please note that running other software on your pi may detrimentally affect or even break your Volumio setup (do not run ‘sudo apt upgrade’).

Keep us up to date with how you get on, as it might well inspire someone to write a plugin to incorporate this functionaility into Volumio.

Definetely yes :wink:

Thank you for the responses, I appreciate it.
I’ll look into things and report back if/when I find a solution.