With MyVolumio, should I be able to connect to my device from outside the local network?

I’m quite new to Volumio, running it on rpi 4 model B w. iqaudio DAC+.

I’m quite confused as to what MyVolumio (I’m on Premium plan) provides in terms of connection to my device from outside LAN.

Should I be able to connect from outside my home network without doing anything else? i.e. no-ip as mentioned here. https://volumio.github.io/docs/Good_to_Knows/Connection_Outside_LAN.html
I can see my device on myvolumio.org but when I click on :arrow_forward: I’m stuck in a white wheel.

I’m sure I was able to connect to my home device from my work office yesterday but it’s not working any more.

I hope someone can enlighten me.

Thank you!

Yes, nothing else shall be required.
Can you try restarting your device?
Can you send a log after 5 minutes that you restarted it?


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After restarting the device a few times, it’s now working fine.

Thank you! :pray: