Wiring RaPi >> Volumio to LCD controller


I am planning to use RaPi >> Volumio combination as a headless media player in my car. The car is Suzuki Ertiga and comes with a stock headunit. Until last month I was using a tablet connected to Amp via a dac. Unfortunately the tab went kaaput :frowning:. My current plan is to retain the stock headunit face plate which has:

  • An LCD Panel
  • 6-8 switches
  • USB adapter

I am planning to utilize the LCD to show the now playing song and few keys to control the MPD. I am hoping to get some advice here, I opened up the HU and identified the LCD/switch controller to be Sanyo/ON LC75857E. Datasheet of the same can be found in >> onsemi.com/pub/Collateral/EN7980-D.PDF. I am looking for some basic advise of how to start with this interface. I do have programming skills and decent exposure to Electronics. Please do let me know if I need to post any other details.