Wireless network issues


Unfortunately I will not be able to run a cable to the pi, therefore I’ll be relying on wifi. However while the cable is plugged in, the wifi seems connected. Once removed, the pi disappears from the network. Sometimes the volumio hotspot appears, but I’m unable to connect to the hotspot.

How to find out what is wrong?

(Side question: Should I login every time I boot the pi? Or should you only login when you need the command line?)

This was fixed with latest release!
Let me know!


When was that release? I have downloaded the latest image yesterday. Exactly following the tutorial. I’ve flashed the card twice and meanwhile ordered a faster card which I just flashed and all instances had the exact same problem. (on a sidenote, accessing volumio.local is troublesome as well…)

edit: While booting I notice that setting up the dhcp service is failed
[FAILED] Failed to start dhcpd.service. See ‘systemctl status dhcpd.service’ for details’
[FAILED] Failed to start LSB: IPv4 DHCP client with IPv4LL support.
[FAILED] Failed to start LSB: DHCP server.

I’m hoping that it’s ok to bump this a little? I’m starting to become a little frustrated since I unfortunately have no clue where to look for a solution. In addition I’ve found numerous issues such as streams that play simultaneously, Spotify not working at all, slow response from the interface on all my devices. I’m wondering whether it is at all possible to use Volumio on a Pi 1b+?

Yes it works on B1+, but performances are not that great…

In any case, remember that if you connect to wireless, and remove the cable, the pi’s IP address will change.
Use an app called fing to find the new ip address:
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … Guide.html

Let us know

Hi Michelangelo I’m familiar with Fing. Finding the right ip is not the issue. But since it didn’t connect it wouldn’t show up in Fing. Nonetheless Volumio.local should work regardless of the up right?

I must admit I’m a little confused since the Pi would be able to easily play a 720p file with 5.1 audio, but has performance issues playing stereo audio and showing a web interface to 1 client? I’m afraid this sounds a little different than I mean to, but I’m curious about the reasons for this?

We observed some cases when dhcpcd (the dhcp client) cannot obtain a dhcp lease from the router… I fear that yours is one of the cases…
When you’re connected via ethernet, can you connect via wifi as well (and obtain an ip?)

When connected via Ethernet the settings show that the Pi is also connected via Wifi. Fing even shows 2 IP addresses. Then without Ethernet Wifi disconnects again.

I must say that I have not yet tried to update or anything since the performance is quite an issue to me. Maybe I should return to OSMC or an older 1.5 image?

Please flash the last image

I just did, performance is somewhat better this time (however I wouldn’t call it smooth) and I have managed to install the Spotify connect plugin, which seems very useful to me. Do I really need to keep flashing the image every time or could I rely on the ota?

Edit: not to forget, Wifi is works :slight_smile: Thanks!