Wireless driver compatibility list renewed for Volumio 3 / Kernel 5.10?


With Volumio 3 using Kernel 5.10 (as of 3.198 if not mistaken), lots of wifi adapter stopped working.
Between commercial names, revision evolution, … and real chips inside = needed drivers, i am personnaly lost into what dongle I can safely buy.

  1. Would it be possible to restart a topic on “Working Wifi USB dongle with Volumio 3 kernel 5.10” ? Or have the list of drivers supported in the kernel ?
  2. Or have the possibility to buy a working one from the Volumio store ?

(whatever is needed to avoid the hassle of checking which chipset is supported out of the box, buying, discovering there was a new revision of the same dongle, revision uses a different chipset, not compatible, and so on)

Thanks in advance and have a nice day

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Yea I agree :+1: I’m stuck on 3.175 can’t update to any new versions

My WIFI dongle is TP Link T.-WN725N v1

Ok, then…Who ever has a “Volumio 3 > .175 release with kernel 5.10” and a wifi dongle working “out of the box”, please share the company/product name/revision!
[don’t know how to make this visible to all people, maybe the admin could help?]

Have a nice day

A TP-Link Archer T2U stopped working.

Replaced with an ASUS USB-AC51 which works fine.


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Thank you very much. At least it gives us 1 verified option.
Thanks again and have a nice day

As per your suggestion, i bought the ASUS USB-AC51. Worked fine Out of the Box on Volumio 3.233.
Thanks again

I just bought this one and it’s working with 3.233

On my side, with ASUS USB AC51, it only works once and after i have reconnection issue (after a restart, wifi doesn’t restart).
Maybe a Volumio 3.233 issue, bug report here http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/wc4XBw4.html
Bug while no wireless working -after reboot- http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/oknMfan.html
(no such issue with this machine and
Volumio 2.9 and old wifi dongle that is not compatible with Volumio 3
Volumio 3.173 and old wifi dongle compatible with 3.173 but not > 3.173 i.e. 3.233)

Have a nice day and thank Mp0wer