Windows network shared folder - not all files visible


I’m trying to connect Volumio to my Music folder on my PC. It is shared in the network and other devices can see it.
Volumio is configured like this:

Alias: Blaszak
IP: local IP of PC
Path: Muzyka\Muzyka
Login and password

It only sees a few albums (like 8) and doesn’t scan further. Folder is being seen as 940GB which is whole drive caapacit, not only this folder. Can you please advise?

This seems to be a ‘permissions’ problem.
I had a similar problem. I had reformatted my external HDD with NTFS (I had decided to change the HDD from Ext4 format to NTFS for better Windows compatibility and ease of maintenance). I had re-loaded all the music folders and files from my PC. But, on the Pi 3+, only a few folders of the HDD were then being listed by Volumio.
To find a solution:

I put the disk back onto my PC;
clicked on the HDD disk’s folder in Windows Explorer;
in ‘Properties’, I set ALL the check boxes to ‘allow’ for both ‘Authenticated users’ and ‘Users’ for all permissions.
Volumio then found all the folders and worked properly after returning the HDD back to the Pi.