Will Volumio meet my use case?


I’ve not tried Volumio yet, because I haven’t been able to figure out from the website whether it would meet my use case, or if it is maybe a little too much for my needs.

I just want to be able to mount my NAS via Samba and play the odd song or something while in bed to speakers that are plugged into my spare RPi 3. I have no real inclinations towards the audiophile side of things, but there are some things I have ripped onto my NAS that aren’t on Spotify, and sometimes I want to listen to them in stereo without booting up my PC.

Should I go with Volumio for this, or should I just try to roll my own and let the jankiness of my bad code flow through me?

Yes, Volumio will do what you want. Install volumio on the spare rPi run through the setup and install the Spotify plugin.