Will Volumio downsample from 24/192 to USB DAC 24/96 capability and will this loose bit perfect?

I did some testing of volumio with Prodigy Cube Black USB DAC. This dac has been recognized by Volumio and I am able to play hi res flac files, however I am concerned a bit because this dac has HW sample rate limitation to 24bit/96kHz and volumio is able to play 24bit/192kHz files uing this dac. I switched off audio resampling so I would expect that volumio will throw an error about unsupported sample rate for such files. Now I am confused and have doubts whether volumio is downsampling the audio in background and it is not bitperfect in this case. My amp does not show the rate, so I am not sure how to check the real sample rate on output.

This is interesting. When I play the same in foobar2000 on Windows I have to enable sox dsp resampler to be able play 24/192 and this dac does not to want to play such files natively. In Volumio, is sox resampler plugin enabled by default? I use coaxial output to connect to my amp therefore I am confused.

Resampling is default off in Volumio. Please check your settings in playback options, if resampling is on.

My playback settings are as follows:
output device is Audiotrak ProDigy CUBE
DSD Playback Mode is DSD Direct
Mixer type is none
Audio resampling is off
When I play flac file 24bit/192 kHz I checked what my alientek d8 shows when connected to coaxial input and there is 96kHz, so this sample rate comes from dac on coaxial output.

Maybe someone else from this community has a suggestion?

There is a pcm type “plug” in the alsa pipeline before hw. So, if something not supported by hw is sent, it is converted to be used. See your /etc/asound.conf

This one? Never too old to learn.

# There is always a plug before the hardware to be safe
pcm.volumioOutput {
    type plug
    slave.pcm "volumioHw"