Will the new Spotify HiFi be supported?

Hi All, and developers in particular. :slight_smile:

Spotify have recently announced Spotify HiFi.

Information is limited at the moment but it sounds like it will be CD quality 44/16, and will also support playback via Spotify Connect protocols and devices…

It’s unclear at the moment whether Spotify connect compatible devices and software will “just work” (just get passed a URL to a .flac stream instead of .ogg) or whether they will need to be updated to support the lossless codec.

I know it’s probably too early to say yet, but are there any plans among the Volumio developers to support Spotify HiFi when the info on how to do so becomes available and in particular Spotify Connect?

Is it likely to be an update to the existing free Spotify2 plugin (which works great) or as a feature added to My Volumio?

I was a Spotify user for nearly 10 years until I switched to Tidal last year to get lossless CD quality, (also tried Qobuz and while their quality is better their catalogue is quite limited) however since switching to Tidal I miss some of the Spotify catalogue and Spotify connect.

If Spotify do indeed add a reasonably priced tier that includes everything in CD quality Flac, supports Spotify connect and is compatible with Volumio then I will jump ship from Tidal back to Spotify.

Spotify connect really is a killer feature and lack of support for Tidal connect in Volumio is a real inconvenience. Likewise while Tidal has a pretty good catalogue it just doesn’t match up with the Spotify catalogue.

I have no more concrete idea than you at this early stage, but it is very probable (unless some hurdles are put in place by Spotify) that this service will be supported by Volumio. It is to be delivered by Spotify Connect I believe from my reading so far. Fingers crossed :slight_smile: