Wifi WEP setup

After first experiences with Volumio using ethernet cable on raspberry then I’d like to move to wifi. So I entered into network setup page and I filled-in my wifi network name, I’ve chosen the security (WEP is my choose on the router) and the password (12 digits). I saved changed but it doesn’t work. So, I disconnected network cable, rebooted the system but it doesn’t go on network. What’s wrong? is there a way to check using SSH interface if parameters are correct of set them up? Thanks :confused:


Do you have a hdd connected too?
If so then disconnect the had and only have WiFi dongle and eth. cable connected.
Then try to setup again.
Sometimes I have to do the setup more than one time before it works :wink:


No, I haven’t any HDD connected. a USB Hub is connected to raspberry. To this hub is connected both USB DAC and bluetooth dongle, while the Wifi dongle is directly connected to raspberry. BTW, following your suggestion: I disconnected the Hub and reboot system (only wifi dongle is connected now) but the result is the same:
Interface eth0
IP address: 192.168.16.xxx
enabled (Auto)
Choose between DHCP and Static configuration
Interface wlan0
wlan0 IP address: — NO IP ASSIGNED —
I guess if there is a specific syntax to write password (12 digits) or SSID (I write this as I see on the list of wifi networks, the name I assigned to my wifi network).

I have manually modified by ssh the file /etc/network/interfaces, where I found my password written different. Now wifi works but on volumio gui network page I get this mesg

File /etc/network/interfaces was modified outside Player UI.
You can edit it manually or reset back to default settings.

Despite of that it works…should I expect something similar? :confused:

Here my network /etc/network/interfaces file configuration:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto wlan0
allow-hotplug wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp

wireless-essid XXXXXX
wireless-mode managed
wireless-key YYYYYYYYYYYY

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Do you see any missing or what else? WiFi works but I get this statement on Network page:
File /etc/network/interfaces was modified outside Player UI.
You can edit it manually or reset back to default settings.

Thanks :slight_smile: