Wifi Problems with my Raspberry Volumio reader

Hello! I have a Volumio Raspeberry kit. I used it very little for a couple of years. And now that I want to use it more, I have many problems to connect to it by wifi. I never got my phones to connect to it. It was easier with an iPad or a Mac. But now it arrived to the point where I can’t connect to it.

It is correctly seen by the modem (I have an app for the modem, that let me see Volumio connected) but my Mac can’t connect.

Do you have any idea what can happen? How can I resolve this situation?

How do you try to connect to it?
From Android, it may not work using http://volumio.local (or the name you gave). Use the IP adress instead : (this is an example, replace by your adress)

It doesn’t work either way. I have the IP address from my modem app, but it can’t connect to it either.

It is pretty frustating.

Do you use http:// not https:// ?

Neither works, but https://192.168.XX.XX gave an instant answer it can’t connect. The other ones (attp://volumio.local/ attps://volumio.local/ attp://192.168.XX.XX) remain thinking forever.

Have you tried with an app such as Fing (or any network scanner) to scan your network from your phone to see all devices? And then connect to them?

There is no way to connect. I can’t understand why. I tries everything, but it doesn’t connect. Is there a way to connect other than wifi and try to reset the Volumio? Reinstall the firmware, whatever. USB?

just plug an ethernet cable

Thanks! I thought infinite things, but this very basic idea I didn’t! :wink:

I haven’t got it back yet. I took out the micro SD and put it in my computer, it showed as a 64Mb instead of 16Gb. No amount of formatting got me back the space. So I thought, maybe it is broken. I bought a new 32Gb one, installed the last firmware, but the UI doesn’t appear. Can it be that the Raspberry is broken? Is too old??

My Raspberry 3 B+ must be dead, because it doesn’t show either wifi or by ethernet. There is a red Led always lit. Not even the ethernet led lights blink. Can someone confirm that Raspberry boards can die?

I want just to read audio, what is the best board to buy?


I had a pi die very slowly, both WiFi and Ethernet giving strange problems for months before finally giving up (could well have been all started by the small spark whilst removing a temperamental Ethernet plug with the help of a metal screwdriver, lesson learned!)

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I had the same slowly dying. I will get a new board.