Wifi not working on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 on Volumio 2

I’m using 2.917.
I’ve used the inscructions from Raspberry Pi Zero 2 not booting Volumio to make my Raspberry Pi Zero 2 boot with Volumio 2, but the Wifi Hotspot never shows up.

Volumio 3 is not an option, as it is missing some plugins I need. Any advice?

Wait for the plugins to be ported, or use a different device.

(please don’t double-post).

I don’t see how this is doubleposting, nobody has made a thread about this before, just a few people mentioned it in a different thread about a different problem.

The kernel version in Volumio 2 doesn’t contain the wifi firmware for the Pi Zero 2…

You could ofcourse build a Volumio 2 image with the relevant patch

I’d love to do that, if I actually had any knowledge about building linux images :cry:

So to clarify Pi Zero 2 is unsupported on Volumio 2.xx - lets keep discussions on the other post to make it easier for others who come searching for it :slight_smile: