Wifi Not Working and Clicking Started After Upgrade

I have a Raspberry Pi 2 with a HTA503 Tube DAC. I have been running the March version of Volumio and have loved it. I noticed some new plugins today and that there was a new Volumio release, so I thought I’d give an upgrade a try.
Following the upgrade, my USB wifi adapter no longer appears to work (the blue lights do not come on and when connecting to Volumio via ethernet, enabling Wifi doesn’t “stick”). It is an EDimax adapter and confirmed still working with other devices.
Also, I noticed that as soon as Volumio starts, a have a new clicking coming from my DAC in my headphones that was not there before. It does not change volume with the music like other interference I have encountered.
Not having Wifi working is a big deal and the clicking is a bother. I’d love to downgrade to an older version, but can’t find any archived images.
Anyone have any help on these two issues or a direction for archived images?

I’m going to half way post an answer I found after the fact… I thought I had searched well, but apparently not.

I have been able to go back to the oldest version that supports the HTA503 (November of last year). I also tried one from June. So far I can’t get WiFi back to working. I have never gotten an error until that November 16 version.
“Job for wireless service failed.” And then something about where to find more information. I’ve never had trouble before. I have Volumio on a half dozen Pi’s…1, 2, 3, Zero…I don’t recall having this trouble with anything before.

I replaced the Pi 2 with a new one and all problems are fixed. I guess the USB ports got fried somehow…