WiFi Issues with 2.599

I have two Volumios running. Last night I had to reinstall software, and I used the 2.599 version from the website. This is Volumio.

My other Volumio, Volumio2, is running 2.598.

Volumio2 works fine and is connected wirelessly.

Volumio works fine with a wired connection, but will not connect to a wireless network. Physically, the 2 systems are sitting side by side.

The only difference between Volumio and Volumio2 are that Volumio has 2 WiFi connections. That is because Volumio is in a metal box, and needs an external dongle to do WiFi.

After “connecting” to WiFi, doing ifconfig (via ssh) shows neither wlan0 nor wlan1 are connected.

If I disconnect the Ethernet cable from Volumio, it reverts to the Hotspot and WiFi seems to work.

I connect to the hotspot and reconfigure WiFi to use my wireless network. I “restarts wireless successfully” but I’m still on the Hotspot.

If I reconnect the Ethernet cable, Volumio reverts to the wired connection, and shows that connection and the Hotspot parameters in the Network tav. ifconfig shows wlan0 to be configured for the Hotspot.

Any suggestions?

Well, duh! This was a classic Id10t problem.

However, Volumio should warn you explicitly when you’re using the wrong password for the network.