Wifi interference sound after reset

I had to reset user information after an update left me unable to control volume with the MyVolumio interface.
Since the reset there is a sound which I am almost certain is wifi interference. It’s a digital sound resembling a warped 45rpm record crackle. It isn’t loud, but if there is not music playing it is annoying. It even makes my dog want to stick his nose in the cones to investigate.
For me, MyVolumio is not particularly stable lately, it drops often (everyday) when paused or has other troubles.
I’ve disable every item in my house that uses wifi, nothing changes. No new neighbors sending a strong wifi signal that I can see just by glancing at SSID’s.
I’m using wifi to stream, have not tried disabling wifi and using ethernet.
After doing a few searches, some people have a similar noise when they plug their ethernet in.
It’s in a plastic case, I’ve tried placing copper sheeting around it but nothing makes a difference.
Anyone else?

Forgot to mention it is a RPi3 with JustBoom DAC hat.