Wifi dongle / Volumio 3 and update 3.198, REALTEK 8811CU


Following issue with a formerly working USB dongle (see https://community.volumio.org/t/work-around-found-formerly-added-driver-realtek-8192eu-nok-in-3-198-wifi-issue-with-latest-update/53523), i purchased a BrosTrend AC650 / AC5L which was mentionned to work with different flavors of Raspbian.
Same thing happened
Works OK with 3.197 and kernel 5.4
Doesn’t work with 3.198 and kernel 5.10
The company’s installer didn’t work also because Volumio’s setup seems particular / non standard.
I used to read that updating Volumio with standard command (apt and so on) could break things. Maybe less so with Volumio 3 but i didn’t try.

Would it be possible to have a list of working chips/driver or even be able to purchase a compatible Wifi dongle from the store ?

This is a known issue, due to the external drivers not being available for kernel version > 5.10.73.
It is work-in-progress and should be solved with the next release.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Will watch closely the notes of the future releases.

Take care