Wifi connection problem

Hi I get this in the network configuration page when I plug in both USB WIFI and LAN cable.

wlan0 IP address:

It seems like the WIFI is on with a IP address. But when I unplug the LAN cable or reboot with only the USB WIFI then I cannot access the WEBUI anymore

Can someone help on this? Thx

i thnik you have the same pb as me, look at my post on install driver !

Hi Steve!

I think, the problem is, that you don’t have static IP’s. When you pull the lan cable, your router gives out another lP adress for wlan, so you aren’t able to connect, because you don’t see the new one. Try to set IP adresses as static in your router- that helped in my case.


Seems not a driver problem as when both LAN and WIFI USB is plugged, I have 2 IP address and I can access the 2 WEBUI by typing corresponding eth0/wlan0 IP address in the browser.

But if I unplug the LAN cable or reboot with only USB WIFI then I lost both IP address from IP scanner. So seems the USB WIFI cannot work without the LAN cable.

Switching to static IP address result in same problem…

Do you see Volumio on the network when you reboot without the cable? I had a problem with the wifi adapter not connecting after a reboot. I installed wicd-curses and configured the wifi with it. There you can activate “automatically connect to network” and after the setup the Pi connected to the wifi network just fine after a reboot.