WiFi Connectify problems


have the problem, that I can’t get any connection to my volumio Raspberry via WiFi.

Via LAN I don’t have any problems. I can see in the volumio-Interface, that Wifi is connected but the iPad app refuses to connect via Wifi if, I cut the LAN-cable.

Details: If the LAN cable is connected, I can ping the wireless IP address and my WiFi-router also shows my Raspberry as active. If I reboot without no LAN cable connected, I can see the Raspberry also in my WiFi-Router but the volumio app can’t find the Raspberry and (no wonder), ping gets timeouts.

Does anybody has an idea what is going wrong in my setup?


Hi, I have the same issue.

Somehow I cannot enable WiFi at all with latest versions…
Never had that before.

I have 3 raspi’s , two cabled one WiFi.
The one with wifi I use for testing and somehow I cannot enable WiFi.
I reinstalled the latest image several times and used some other raspi’s as well.

No success. Very strange.