Wife friendly Volumio

My task is to make the system “wife friendly” (Not being sexist here - honest :slight_smile: ). That means that it simply has to work without any SSH reboots or restarts of mpd (which I find that I have to do fairly frequently).
I am using a pi with a PCM2704 based USB DAC. I stream music from my Windows desktop mounted as an NAS. I am using 1.1 as I found 1.2 to be unstable from a wifi point of view.
I think that one problem is that if my desktop (the NAS) is switched off or goes to sleep, then, even if it is switched on again, I still find that Volumio will not play. (I can still access via SSH and normally reboot AND restart mpd for it to sort itself out but this is what I want to avoid).
Any help/suggestions/discussion gratefully received.

It’s not ideal, but you can use crontab to automatically restart/restart mpd daily (or as often as you want). I set mine to do it every day around 6am.

Instructions in my post on here: stability-issues-raspberry-t905.html