Wi-Fi connection sometimes lost


my Raspberry Pi 3 with Volumio 2 is always on but sometimes it lost the wi-fi connection so I can not connect to it. I can only unplug the power and turn it on again. I have also added a monitor to look if there is any error. But the Raspberry is still running without an errors.
I have no idea if this is a problem with the Raspberry or Volumio. Would it help to use a external wi-fi stick? Has anybody else such a problem?

Hi D1675,
sounds a bit like my recent experiences: Occasional Crashes with Raspi 3B+, Allo Boss Setup

I think I found an answer to my question on how to preserve logs after a crash (although in my case I cannot distinguish between a crash and a lost wifi connection, as I realize now, since I’m running the pi headless)

In short: I’m copying the log contents on file change to the volumio home directory, which is permanent: Not good for the SD card, I guess, but good for post mortem analysis. The weird thing is: Since I set the log copying up, volumio never hung up like before. I still see the temporary lost wifi connections in the log every once in a while, but for a week now they reliably recover and I can log in via ssh over wifi.

I suspected a bad wlan connection, but the raspi reports a signal strength between -48 and -52 dbm, which I think should be sufficient. I’ll keep monitoring…

“The weird thing is: Since I set the log copying up, volumio never hung up like before.”

That makes me wonder if there’s a power saving or sleep function that was happening before.
I have exactly the same hardware and mine is on always, I’ve never experienced it disapearring.

I do not think it is a powersaving issue because I think the issue would happen always in the same time. But in my case it is randomly.

I have often read that the problem is a bad wifi driver. There was a plugin which check the wifi connection and if it was lost it has restarted the wifi driver.
But I have also read that Volumio has also that feature since a long time. But it does not work for me.

Now I try a static ip address outside the dhcp range.
If this is not working I will try with a lan cable.
At next step I will try an other operating system.
So I hope that I will find where is the problem.

The commercial streaming devices with built in Raspberries use always external wifi chips. Maybe because that reason.